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My question first is why do you want a dog?

German Shepherds shed a lot.

Next German Shepherds are barkers. They love to talk both to alarm you that someone is here and to let the world know that they are here.

German Shepherds do love children and they love the job of a nanny. They will look after your children as if they were their own puppies. They are protective and will step in.

German Shepherds wants to be a part of the family. They do not like being backyard dogs and they feel hurt if they are not part of the family.

The easiest way for them to know that they are a member and not the leader is to take the basic obedience class . Look at it as a training class so that you can learn a foreign language and your dog can learn yours. Food is a universal language and so is LOVE!

When getting your German Shepherds there are two reasons to get one that is AKC (American Kennel Club) Registered.

First is that you have a better chance of getting a dog that has been bred to the standards and most important the family pedigree has been evaluated for hip, and elbows against generic diseases. This is not a 100% perfect since they are living creatures and genetics go back quite a ways. This being said your chances are better than that of a dog with no history background.


Second reason that I suggest a registered dog is that you need to decide on what job your German Shepherds will do. All living creatures like to be on this earth for some purpose and your German Shepherds is no different.

Dogs that are 7 months and older can compete in basic obedience. You can start out working with your dog on a leash and turn left, turn right, sit, and stay and a hug now and then will make them feel warm, everyone needs a hug now and then so does your German Shepherd

What is better?

Males are more protective for his territory and will guard a member of his family.

Females are more sensitive and they seem more willing to learn our language and for first timers this is an easier choice, they treat kids like their puppies and sleep with one eye open

If this is the kind of dog you are looking for then come see ours.


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